About us


Our mission is to perform our duties with a strong sense of love and compassion. Our goal is to help our clients be fulfilled, and experience as much joy as possible. We do this by honoring God, treating those in our care with love, dignity, and respect, while providing a safe home environment.

At Amani Home Care we place Christian principles first, while providing family based care, following sound business practices. In all we do, we strive to honor God, respect and protect those in our care, and live responsibly.
We continually evaluate our care plan with respect to the needs of our clients, and assure ourselves that we are doing the right things, striving to treat our clients as their loving families do. We take seriously our obligation to care for those in need, while protecting their dignity and providing a safe living environment.
Amani was founded on the belief and experience that there is a need for a change in the care being provided for our families. We specifically build each care plan to meet the needs and desires of the client and the responsible parties.